Thursday, December 27, 2012

Unforgetable week!!~ ;'(

Hi guys...  yeah !~ this week really make me sick !!~
Because of to0 many mistakes that i've made, Cik Pa rasa macam i can't go on with this pratical thing !!!~ 
memang la dorang relaks je, tapi dalam hati diorang??
for sure, they will think that i'm not capable enough to be a good worker.... :'(
gara-gara hal ni, Cik Pa berjumpa dengan parent Cik Pa without happy face..
mane tak nya, memikirkan what gonna be happended toward me dalam masa dua hari ni selepas melakukan dua kesilapan... Baru dua minggu keje (practical).. and i already made a lot of mistakes.. :'(
first, because of key in SAMPLE SIZE SALAH...
then, followed by key in DIMENSION SALAH...
Kesalahan tu pada 2 ITEM YANG BERBEZA..
u know what it mean???
my boss for sure akan dapat masalah dari supplier because of me...
i really dont mean it !~
i'm so sorry.... :'(
the person that dont want bad things happended 

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