Sunday, February 27, 2011

miss my happy time!!

hhmm.. setelah berhari2 dirumah, i feel so lonely lah...
ape yg i mksudkn, lonely without my favourite teachers...
without their lough, hhmmm,, my life meaningless la...
haih...  i really miss MRS ZALINA and MISS NARISSA so much!!! 

besides, i also miss my friends!! they mean a lot to me!!

 In thz w0rld, we have 2types of fwenz! 1- fwenz that can stay with us in all situati0n.. 2- fwenz that stay with us if we have M0NEY,P0PULARITIES,AND WHEN THEY D0NT HVE B0YFIE/GIRLFIE,. S0, fwen in n0- 1 is a true fwen! N0t all fwenz can be our true fwenz.. :)

i hope my friends and favourite teachers, will not forget me and make this relationship end with a lot of joy.. 

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